Climate Action

Growing up next to a lead and copper smelter plant in El Paso — an immigrant community on the southern border — I witnessed the devastating effects pollution and environmentally dangerous practices have on working families and communities of color.

Whether toxic air quality of the smelter, worsening floods, debilitating droughts, or widespread wildfires, I know the dire effects of climate change are already here, with those communities bearing the brunt of its impact.

I want a healthy, safe future for all our children and grandchildren — and I’m fighting to invest in bold policies that address the climate emergency head on, especially in communities that have experienced generations of environmental injustice.

Barbara Lee with microphone

“Simply put, we must rapidly transition away from dirty fuels NOW or face dire consequences.”

In Congress and in California, I have fought for solutions that match the scale of this climate crisis: 

Environmental Justice For All

A Green New Deal

Holding Fossil Fuel Corporations Accountable

I will bring this fight to the Senate — to end fossil fuels, declare a climate emergency, and save our planet.