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Barbara Lee supporter: ''not today patriarchy''

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Join me in supporting Rep. Barbara Lee for US Senate!

#BarbaraLeeSpeaksForMe because:
1️⃣ She's a lifelong progressive champion who delivers.
2️⃣ She understands our issues because she’s lived them.
3️⃣ Representation matters! She’ll be the third Black woman ever elected to the Senate.
CA deserves to have a Senator who reflects our state's diversity, shares our lived experiences, has shown a commitment to standing up for progress, and gets the job done.

I'm proud to support Rep. Barbara Lee for Senate because she'll ensure we all have a seat at the table!
Rep. Barbara Lee has my vote for US Senate because she's the OG progressive.

She’s been leading the fight for abortion access, affordable housing, and climate action for decades.

As CA’s Senator, she’ll keep moving our country forward.

Our nation's facing unprecedented threats against civil and human rights, our democracy, and the social safety net.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee understands these issues because she has experienced them, and that's why she has my vote for US Senate.

Barbara Lee is a proven leader who has passed major progressive legislation statewide and federally.

Now, she's ready to hit the ground running in the Senate where she’ll be the third Black woman ever elected.

I'm thrilled to support her because #BarbaraLeeSpeaksForMe!
From desegregating her high school's cheer team to being the sole vote against unlimited presidential war powers, Rep. Barbara Lee has proven to be a progressive, effective legislator.

I'm proud to support her for US Senate, and hope you'll join me!

I’m voting for Congresswoman Barbara Lee for US Senate because she never stands silent in the face of injustice or adversity.

She’s the voice California needs to ensure everybody has a seat at the table and real progress is made.

The challenges CA and our nation are facing—from attacks on our reproductive freedom to staggering rates of inequality—require forward-thinking solutions and proven leadership.

Barbara Lee is the progressive, effective leader we need in the Senate.

As a Black woman and single mom who received public assistance, Barbara Lee amplifies our voices in Congress because she understands what we're going through.

We need Rep. Lee's perspectives, progressivism, and power in the US Senate!

I’m voting for Rep. Barbara Lee for US Senate because she believes in the richest country in the world, every family should be thriving—not surviving.

In the Senate, Rep. Lee will champion middle-class tax cuts and expanded childcare tax credits.