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Mayor of Burbank Konstantine Anthony withdraws Adam Schiff endorsement, backs Barbara Lee for Senate

Progressive champion and Mayor of Adam Schiff’s home district throws support behind Congresswoman Lee, citing her enduring pro-peace foreign policy record

LOS ANGELES, CA — The Mayor of Burbank, Konstantine Anthony, today officially announced his endorsement of Congresswoman Barbara Lee for the U.S. Senate, citing her unparalleled pro-peace record and consistent advocacy for foreign policy that centers on diplomacy, human rights, and economic justice. 

Anthony had previously endorsed Congressman Adam Schiff, whose district includes the City of Burbank, but withdrew his support in protest of Rep. Schiff’s position on the war in Israel/Palestine.

“We are in a moment of great reflection in this county,” said Mayor Anthony. “For the first time in eight years Californians will be able to choose a new Senator. We need a candidate who has risen to meet the challenges of today. Congresswoman Barbara Lee is the progressive choice for our time. I am proud to endorse Rep. Lee for the United States Senate to represent California.”

Congresswoman Lee has been ranked as the most effective member of the 117th Congress in the area of International Affairs, and has a long record of leading on anti-war efforts in Washington. 

In 2001, Congresswoman Lee was the only member of Congress who voted against the Authorization of Military Force (AUMF) that launched the global war on terror. 

She is the only candidate running for Senate in California who: 

Mayor Anthony joins a growing number of progressive leaders within Los Angeles County backing Congresswoman Lee’s run, including City of Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, and City of Los Angeles Councilmembers Eunisses Hernandez and Hugo Soto-Martinez.

“From the picket line to City Hall, Mayor Konstantine has demonstrated his unwavering commitment to equity, dignity, and security for Burbank and Los Angeles at large,” said Representative Lee. “I’m deeply honored to have his endorsement, and look forward to his support on our people-powered campaign.”