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Trio of Santa Ana elected officials endorse Barbara Lee for U.S. Senate

Influential Orange County-Area Leaders Support Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s Campaign

SANTA ANA, CA — A trio of influential Orange County-area elected officials are supporting Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s campaign for U.S. Senate, the Lee campaign announced today. 

Santa Ana Councilmembers Benjamin Vasquez and Jonnathan Ryan Hernandez, and Santa Ana Unified School District Trustee Hector Bustos all declared support for Congresswoman Lee’s campaign – key endorsements from Southern California leaders for the Congresswoman’s rapidly-growing grassroots campaign. 

“In addition to being a public servant I am a Santa Ana Unified classroom teacher, so it is personal to me that we have a true champion of education elected to the U.S. Senate, and that is why I am so excited to endorse Congresswoman Barbara Lee,” said Ward Two Councilmember Vazquez. ”With Barbara Lee in the U.S. Senate, families in Santa Ana will have a progressive champion working for us, and I urge my neighbors to support Barbara Lee.” 

“Those of us whose families go back generations know how important it is that we have compassionate, progressive leadership looking out for people in Santa Ana,” said Ward Five Councilmember Hernandez. “Barbara Lee knows from experience what it is like to face marginalization and discrimination. She has always fought for a more fair society and for economic, climate and racial justice. The people stand with Barbara Lee, because Barbara Lee stands with the people. She is by-far the best candidate to represent families in Santa Ana in the U.S. Senate and I am very proud to endorse her campaign.” 

“Students throughout Orange County depend on there being an effective and progressive champion fighting for us in the Senate, which is why I am so happy to endorse Congresswoman Barbara Lee.” said Trustee Bustos. “Barbara Lee will fight for a better future for all Californians, and I know we can trust her to always stand up for what is right because she has lived our experiences and knows what it is like to grow up in a predominantly immigrant community. She has always been someone we can rely on and I know Barbara Lee will make an exceptional United States Senator.”  

Santa Ana is a predominantly Latino community and is the second most populated city in Orange County. The City serves as a major economic and cultural center for the region and the New York Times called it “the face of a new California.” 

“Councilmembers Vasquez and Hernandez and Trustee Bustos are all exceptional public servants and I am very grateful for their support,” said Congresswoman Lee. “Families in Santa Ana face a rising cost of living and a dangerously warming climate. They need a champion for economic and climate justice in the Senate fighting for them. I am deeply committed to lifting up and protecting all Californians and I am very thankful to have the partnership of great local elected officials in this important work.”